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Rayford Ltd Trading as Yeovil Radio Cabs

Covid Statement

Read about how we deal with Covid.

We are pleased to let our valued customers know that we are continuing to provide transport to those who still need it. To ensure the safety of our customers and our drivers we are adhering to strict government guidelines. 

Where possible, social distancing will be maintained by providing larger vehicles; no more than one party sharing a vehicle and by providing PVC bulkhead protection which is a divider between the driver and the passenger. Where social distancing is not possible due to the size of the vehicle passengers will be encouraged to face their nearest window which should be open. Where possible passengers should sit in the seat furthest away from the driver.

We want to assure you that our drivers are provided with their own PPE (personal protective equipment) This will not be shared, and we will ensure that this is replenished.

All drivers will wash their hands before they start work, and whilst working they will regularly use hand sanitiser (minimum 60% alcohol) and wear gloves.

Hands will be washed frequently with soap and water where possible or with sanitiser gel to kill germs.

A box of tissues will be kept in the car to catch coughs and sneezes, disposing of used tissues in the bin as soon as possible

Windows will be kept open wherever possible and air conditioning will be turned off.

No food or drink will be consumed in the vehicle.

Engagement and conversation with passengers is to be limited

Hands will be washed after every shift.

In addition to the daily vehicle checks, enhanced cleaning of surfaces at all times possible will be undertaken on:

Vehicle keys; steering wheel; dashboard; gearstick; handbrake; windows and sun visors; internal/external door handles

This will be done at the beginning, middle and end of a shift as a minimum, however as good practise we will repeat this after every trip or journey where passengers are exchanged. Gloves will removed and hand gel used.

Pick ups – our text message and ringback service will allow passengers to be ready for collection.

We will not enter a house to pick up passengers

If we have to go to a house we will knock using our elbow and maintain social distancing of 2m, limiting conversation.

We are able to collect food shopping, prescriptions and anything that can be pre-ordered and pre-paid. If you find yourself stuck then please do not hesitate to call and we will endeavour to help you.

Please be assured that our driver and customers safety is of paramount importance to us.